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What is Sportline Drinks?

Sportline Sports Drinks is a company founded in 1992 and was created with the vision of producing a functional, healthy sport drink.

Why is the Isotonic Boost Organic?

Sportline is all-in for health and has the best interest of the climate in mind, so the choice quickly became clear. Besides from that, it’s also the first organic sport drink available on the market!

What does Isotonic mean?

An Isotonic effect means that the concentration of minerals and carbohydrates is in balance with the chemicals in the blood, which then allows the nutrients and energy are absorbed into the blood optimally. So, the nutrient balance in your body is quickly brought to optimal condition again and your thirst is quenched.

Is only the lemon organic?

No, the whole sports drink is. All the ingredients in Sportline Sports drinks are organic.

How much sugar is in a Sportline Sports drink?

4 grams per 100 ml. This small amount of sugar consists of natural sugars that are essential to a Isotonic sports drink. This is to enable the body to become perfectly balanced after exercising.

How many calories do our products contain?

18 kcal., which is noticeably low, just take a look at other sports drink brands!

Can children drink Sportline Sport drinks?

Sportline Sports drinks is for everybody and is therefore also perfect for children, especially considering the low amount of sugars and calories!

Why are our products resealable?

People all over the world want ready-to-drink products that are tailored to fit their busy, active lifestyles. With the innovative new resealable can system, Sportline is the perfect solution for the on-the-go person. The functionality is that it is a new solution to be able to store your drink after originally opening it. Since the lid weighs less than 50% of the overall weight of the can, it means it can be easily and effectively recycled without compromise.

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