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About Sportline

A contribution to a healthy lifestyle and a better earth

We offer people who are busy creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle a functioning thirst quencher, which supports them in achieving their daily and sporting goals.

Sport is a language everybody speaks

It brings us together. It bonds us. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from, what you look like or which languages you speak. Sport brings everyone together to reach a common goal. It manages to create the things we value the most in life. It creates teamwork, strength, friendship, love, passion, inspiration, motivation, that winning feeling and of course pride. It creates one common front since we all make up a part of the sport. Everybody feels connected due to the same reason- everybody wants to play the game.


It’s an innovation with oversees and meets our current needs, without endangering the future generations. Social, economic and climate needs are all interrelated to each other and it’s these components that are needed for the future of humankind.

De primary function of the packaging is to protect and conserve

Approximately 8 million tonnes of plastic finds its way into the ocean on a yearly basis, but not with Sportline’s unlimited possibilities to recycle the packaging, making it a more than suitable alternative to plastic bottles. We stand by our vision to make our packaging as environmentally friendly as possible. Aluminum is the perfect material to recycle in a cycle of material-to-material, a process which can be repeated infinitely!

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